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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to sign up in order to use Roomle. Creating an account is completely for free and the registration process is very fast – you only need to enter your email address and choose a password. Once you have registered, you can create, save and share unlimited number of floor plans.

Currently we do not offer a demo version which you can download. However, when you open the Roomle App in iPad & iPhone, you can click on the ‚Try Roomle‘ at the bottom of the page:

How to get started with Roomle Floorplanner

Currently we offer two Roomle versions: for Desktop (for any PC & Laptop users) and the iOS-App (for iPad & iPhone users).

For the Desktop version you can login into and use our platform online. At the moment there is no option to download Roomle to your computer and use it offline.
We also have a Roomle App for iPad & iPhone, which can be downloaded here: You can use the Roomle App online and offline.

As a registered user the Desktop and the iPad & iPhone versions are completely for free – no hidden costs involved. With your account you can:

– Create unlimited number of 2D & 3D plans
– Send your plans to family and friends
– Embed interactive plans into your website or blog
– Furnish your rooms with the products from our catalogs
– Use the Augmented & Virtual Reality features

If you wish to learn more about our professional packages, go to or contact us directly at

We are planning to release a Roomle App for Android but it won’t be before 2016. We will keep you posted!

Desktop Version:
– You can read our tutorials on / to our Learning Centre
– Click on the Information button and watch our video tutorials:

Roomle Room planner tutorials

iPad & iPhone:
Click on the User Settings button and go to ‚Provide Feedback‘. In the Knowledge Base section select the iPad & iPhone field to read our articles for the Roomle iOS version:

Roomle floorplanner on iPad

You can also click on the Information button and watch our video tutorials. Click on the ‚X‘-button to return to your plan.

Roomle how to draw a floor plan

Technical Questions

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux (Android not before 2017)

Roomle Web App supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Please note that Internet Explorer does not support our 3D technology. Thus to enjoy all features available in Roomle, please switch to another browser.

We also highly recommend updating to the most current version of your preferred browser. To check for updates visit the browser’s download page:

Adobe does not provide versions for Linux higher than Flash Player 10.
If you are a Linux User, please give the Pepper Flash Player a try

We are currently working on a no-flash version, we’ll keep you posted for the launching date.

There are several options to get in touch with us. In case you are experiencing technical problems, please make screenshots and send them to us so we can understand better what is the issue.

– One way to contact us is to go to our support centre: Click on the ‚Contact Support‘ button in the right side menu, just below the search field.

Roomle Support Forum

– For Desktop Version users: – you can click on the Feedback button

Roomle Floor planner support flag

– For the iOS version (iPhone or iPad), go to ‚User Settings‘ and then click on ‚Provide Feedback‘.

iPad support flag

– Contact us directly at

About My Account

To change your password, please login into your account at Click on the User Settings button in the top right corner and then select ‚Change Password‘. Enter the old and new passwords and then click on ‚Save Changes‘.

Roomplanner password change

There is a difference how you change your language if you’re using the Desktop or the iOS version, please read the instructions below.

When you login into your account at, in the top right corner you can find the language icon. Please click on it and select the desired language.

Floorplanner Roomle Language switch

iPad & iPhone
Roomle uses the language that is set as default for your iPad or iPhone. Thus, you need to go to your device’s Settings and then select ‚General Settings‘. Go to the Language & Region field and click on iPad/iPhone Language. Your Roomle App will automatically switch to the selected new language.

Please send us a message with your current and new login emails at We will contact you on your old email so you can verify and accept the changes.

You would need to manage your Apple Appstore subscriptions directly via the Appstore.

To cancel a subscription on desktop computers we suggest to follow this subscription:
You are redirected to the iTunes Store where you get an overview of your subscriptions. You can edit and cancel your subscriptions there.

As an alternative you can cancel the subscription on iPad or iPhone. There are some more steps required. How to is described here: