shop & space planning

Simple 3D POS system configuration & store planning solution


3D Furniture Configurator for web, iOS and Android

Configure complex POS/shop product systems/programs live in 3D and showcase hundreds of product variations and combinations in an intuitive interface. Order every variation incl. article numbers and prices via web & mobile devices.

Augmented Reality product visualization with roomle

Individualize your POS/shop programs based on your clients needs, visualize them in stunning 3D quality and place them live in-store to see how it fits into existing store layouts. Ready for all new AR/VR platforms (ARKit, Goolge Tango, Hololens, ...)

3D POS shop and space planning

Develop together with your clients store concepts and layouts with access to your digitally configurable 3D POS/shop equipment product catalog. Give a realistic impression of what the retail store will look like and increase sales conversion and process efficiency.

Intuitive 3D floorplanner

Everyone can use roomle intuitively without CAD specialist knowledge. Easily sketch rooms, configure POS products and systems, develop store concepts and share products and plans with your clients. And finally place orders straight out of roomle.

roomle solution

Fast store layout sketching

Easy creation of store layout drawings in 2D/3D without any training

3D live visualization

Instant visualization of store layouts live in 3D online & mobile

3D product configuration

Configure 3D POS products in endless variations incl. article numbers & prices

Instant quotations

Generate planning & configuration based order lists with integration into your systems

Seamless integration

Easy integration into all web and e-commerce platforms

Multi-Platform solution

Available for web, iOS & Android on all screen sizes and resolutions

How it works in action

SILHOUETTE - SHOP-IN-SHOP: POS product configuration & 3D/AR visualization for live-fitting
  • LIVE 3D CONFIGURATION: Sales teams configure the brand´s premium POS modular system live in 3D with clients in-store via web and mobile devices
  • AUGMENTED PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Visualization of individualized POS product combinations live in augmented reality to demonstrate how the solution fits
  • AUTOMATED ORDERING: Configuration-based POS product ordering incl. prices, internal services and trainings with direct integration into internal Silhouette systems
Umdasch plans shops in 3D and AR with roomle
UMDASCH - SHOP UP: Interactive 3D store planning solution
  • MULTI-PLATFORM SHOP PLANNING: 3D store planning solution for retail stores and shop-in-shop areas up to 500 m2
  • AUGMENTED PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Visualization of store concepts live in 3D, augmented reality and virtual walk-throughs
  • AUTOMATED ORDERING: All configurable 3D POS products are ordered incl. article numbers and prices DIGITAL GYM SPACE PLANNING

  • LIVE 3D CONFIGURATION: eGym fitness machines are configured live in 3D to individualize all products based on client specific needs and are directly placed in the fitness studio 3D space concept/floor plan concept.
  • AUGMENTED PRODUCT PLACEMENT: eGym convinces clients with live-fitting (AR) about brand products and space fit. All products are visualized live in 3D in any possible variation at sight.
  • 2D/3D SPACE PLANNING: Development of gym space concepts for and together with the client using 3D eGym fitness brand products. Layouts and space concepts on how eGym fitness machines and exercise equipment can be positioned best are created easily online and via mobile devices on the go.
eGym configures and plans fitness studios in 3D with roomle

3D Store planning made easy

Equip your sales team with an easy to use planning and visualization solution
  • Your complete product inventory is digitally available in its full complexity everywhere (web & mobile)
  • Develop store concepts together with your clients live in 2D/3D/AR/VR
  • Convince your clients with latest visualization techniques
  • Increase sales & process efficiency in every store-visit
  • Place planning-based orders and integrate them into existing systems (eg. ERP)
  • Reduce time and failures when ordering highly complex products


egym plans fitness studios with roomle

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