High resolution furniture renderings

Endless variations - better than reality

The easiest & most efficient way to produce high quality furniture renderings

Visualization of photorealistic 4k high-resolution renderings of your furniture products from various perspectives in all possible colors & materials. Built from reference images or engineering drawings we are able to produce high quality 3D models in both low and high poly form.


Implement your corporate brand identity in light, colors, product arrangements, picture look and define your wished room looks & templates. The roomle CGI solutions is able to deliver photorealistic marketing assets long before the final furniture product is hitting the market.


Once your product is available in roomle the visualization of endless product variations is easily possible. Any views, compilations, scenes and lighting in your defined look are rendered automatically in high resolution for your online channels and marketing material.


Automate your product picture production
 process with direct integration into your systems / webshop. High resolution computer generated furniture images are produced quickly and cost effectively in order to create the full configuration experience. Save costs and time!

Cheaper and better than photography

Photography is a pain so forget about it!
  • Simplify and automate your picture production process & save money
  • No use of physical goods and logistics
  • No need to photograph every color option and 
product variations
  • Independency from external influencers (such as light, material, …)
  • Easy combination of any products and scenes

HD 360 Image Viewer

Stunning high-quality images to convince your customers

Still image production captures the essence of what a brand and product stands for in a single moment. Irrespective of its power to captivate audiences, traditional photography is expensive and creative options are limited; products may not be available or cannot be shown in scenarios that best capture target audience attention. CGI (computer generated images) expand the creative possibilities of image production by letting you showcase your brand and products in any way. Using roomle´s 3D product data the perfect visualization of any variation your product can be created – replacing the prior need for the physical product to be available.

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